NDP Fact #1

NDP Candidate contributed to a misogynistic book designed to teach men how to sleep with women.

NDP Candidate and Current MLA for Calgary-Klein Craig Coolahan contributed as an editor on the book titled Make Every Girl Want You: Everything from picking up girls to having a successful Relationship.

The book uses sexist and misogynistic language to describe women and provide dating advice to men.

  • The book suggests once a women has told a man they consider them a friend, that men shouldn’t stop trying to sleep with them
    “Every other piece of literature we’ve read tells guys that to ‘get’ the girl you’ve got have an air of cockiness about you. They claim that once you enter the friend zone with a female your chances of sleeping with them are doomed. This is an extremely short-sighted view.”
    – “Make Every Girl Want You” Pg. 71
  • The books implies women will put up with men who behave like jerks if they are hot, rich or famous:
    “Once they like a guy because he is hot, rich or famous, the guy can get away with being a bit of a jerk and the girl will still like him. She likes him less, but not enough to deter her from being with a hot, rich, or famous guy.”
    – “Make Every Girl Want You” Pg. 71
  • The book implies women in committed relationships dress provocatively because they want attention from men:
    “Why are women out there, then, dressed so provocatively if they have a boyfriend and no intentions of being picked-up? Because women love attention! Even women who are completely satisfied with their boyfriends, and not at all looking to meet a guy, love going out and getting attention. They love getting dressed up, and love the fact that every guy is looking at them, trying to talk to them, buying them drinks, trying to dance with them, asking for their phone number, and trying to hook-up with them.”
    – “Make Every Girl Want You” Pg. 47
  • The book suggests women are in constant need for reassurance:
    “This is one of the major points of contention between men and women in relationships. Women drive men absolutely insane with their constant need for reassurance:
    “Do I look fat?”
    “Does this dress look good on you”
    “Should I order the chicken or the steak?”
    Don’t let it bother you. Just accept the fact that this is how women are, and you will be miles ahead of any other guy.”
    – “Make Every Girl Want You” Pg. 34

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