NDP Fact #3

NDP Candidate Once Performed as Rapper calling for a Communist Revolution

Incumbent Edmonton Ellerslie NDP Candidate Rod Loyola once performed as a rapper under the stage name "Ro Soul Jah."

“His [Rod Loyola] interest in poetry was a byproduct of an adolescent love of Public Enemy, KRS-One and NWA. With Vlad Gomex and Cristian Cousino, he eventually formed People’s Poets, a Chilean-Canadian hip-hop group. Loyola performed as “Rosouljah.” -- Edmonton Journal October 11th, 2014

In many of his songs he called for a violent communist revolution against capitalism and lionized violent communist revolutionaries like Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.


  • Training has commenced
    “Training has commenced. Ro Soul Jah to go against Any infidel with or without common sense. A G.U.E. Throwin it down like a real revolutionary, Climbing mountains like Guevara, Attacking like Fidel at the Moncada, Yellin victory on horseback into SantaClara. AK to the sky as I cross la frontera La Pachamama es mi Tierra. What I’m talkin’ bout is not a dream Idealistic babble or blowin’ off steam. It’s the reality that flows through my blood Since the creator fashioned my people from mud Yeah from Chavin de Huantar To revolutionary Red Star tattoo of a Tumi on my arm. cuz I’m ready to pick up arms if it’s necessary yo, the creator bless me that’s the best G cuz I am free”

    “When was the last time you had a conversation about your own formation and dedication. To building a new world with a new foundation. We be the generation that got the combination, To get rid of them life taking corporations. Yo hommie it’s your obligation to resist without hesitation. So get used to the situation and stop livin in isolation, cuz we fighting the occupation of a capitalist regime that destroys and makes children scream cuz they feel hunger every day while the rest of us sittin at the buffet. Ask yourself if that’s okay or is it a sign of our society in decay come on I’m not asking you to right an essay on the topic use logic it’s not cryptic or magic or mythical like Poseidon or Hades remember we revolutionaries” -- Ro Soul Ja Blog
  • The Great Power Ready For Battle
    “So here I am and I’m ready for battle. Like I always say ready for the rumble. This shit is bigger than you and me It’s about good and evil understand and see. Sign up and become a revolutionary, Carry the message on to the masses. The time has come for organized clashes And I’m not talkin’ about idealism Anarchism or any other fuckin’ ism I’m talkin’ ‘bout people and self determination. Education, the life giving water spoke of in revelation. Ya bro it’s the last days When Judas motha fucka’s will betray the revolution for a couple of duckets, then realize it and say fuck it and take their life for denying the truth. So salem aleikum brother, Ya sister, peace be upon you, Face the reality of our collective destiny Be free, float like a butterfly And sting like a bee. I be spittin’ this shit with an AK-47 Blessed with a spirit originally from heaven Reborn. A soldier of light Blessed by the lord and now I stand on his right.” -- Ro Soul Ja Blog
  • The Whole World's Lookin
    “I’m a modern day Che Guevara Sent by my people to raise "la barra". To make wannabe revolutionaries contemplate. Are you ready to battle the fascist state, are you really awake, are you gonna live through the earthquake. And to all the status quo brothers Competing with one another I’m gonna make you know me, and you can either like me or blow me cause I don’t give a shit what your opinion is.” -- Ro Soul Ja Blog
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